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Privacy Policy

The Association will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan and will establish the following privacy policy for the handling of the personal information of the Users of the Website in a safe and appropriate manner.


The Association will only acquire personal information and specific personal data through lawful and fair means.


The Association will clarify the purpose of the utilization of the personal information of the Users and will only employ such information within the scope of the stated purpose. Further, specific personal information will only be used within the boundaries established by law.


The Association may automatically collect certain information concerning the manner in which Users utilize the Website to improve content and to ameliorate the Website’s services. This information may include: the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Users; details about their devices, operating systems, and app versions; pages, content, or features of the Website browsed by the Users; the time spent by Users on the pages, content, or features of the Website; the hyper-links clicked by the Users from the content displayed on the Website; and other information about how Users utilize the Website.


The Association will not, without the consent of the concerned Users, disclose or deliver personal information pertaining to the Website’s Users to any third parties beyond the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose of the usage of such personal information.


The Association will comply with the applicable laws and regulations on personal information and will occasionally review and improve the items stipulated above to thoroughly ensure the protection of the personal information of the Website’s Users.


Please contact for any further clarifications about this privacy statement.

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