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Kazuomi Kario,

Dr. Kazuomi Kario graduated from Jichi Medical School in 1986. He is currently Professor and Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine, Jichi Medical University School of Medicine, Japan.
In 2003, Dr Kario and his team were the first to demonstrate ’morning surge’ in blood pressure (BP) as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease (Kario et al. Circulation 2003). He first used ’morning hypertension’ with the definition of morning BP ≥135/85 mmHg, regardless of clinic BP. He is the principal investigator of several clinical studies, such as the Japan Morning Surge-Home Blood Pressure (J-HOP); Japan Ambulatory BP Monitoring (JAMP); Home-activity ICT-based Japan Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Prospective (HI-JAMP); Sleep BP and disordered breathing in REsistant hypertension And cardiovascular Disease (SPREAD).
He has served as Editor-in-Chief of Curr Hypertens Rev and is past Executive Editor of Hypertens Res. He is an editorial board member of more than 15 international journals including Hypertension, J Hypertens. Professor Kario has published more than 800 academic papers during his distinguished career. He founded the Hypertension Cardiovascular Outcome Prevention and Evidence in Asia (HOPE Asia Network)”in 2018.

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